Friday, August 08, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Two Converging Storm Fronts...

It's been a very exciting day here in the northeast...

Can you believe we were under a tornado warning???
For three hours!!  It just doesn't get any better than that!!!
I've lived here 31 years and this was the first time!
Yup, I just loves me a good old tornado warning! 
Hey!  I'm from the midwest.
You know, tornado alley????

(Two storm fronts converging)



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  1. Quite a cool picture. I'll bet if there IS a tornado, it won't be like anything from the Midwest!

  2. Doesn't look like a tornado sky to me! :o) Fun to have a warning, but not a tornado, huh?

    Pretty pic!

  3. I love the picture of the storm fronts getting ready for battle over the sport field! What a great shot! are weird! Sorry... I live in "tornado alley" and don't relish those warnings at all or the practice sirens at noon every Friday. I don't actually worry about my own house (domes don't collapse), but have seen the distruction in the trailer parks and parks. As long as it's just a warning...OK. Glad you didn't really get one :-)

  4. Annie! There was a water spout in the Sound, too!

  5. cool pictures with the 2 storms coming in.

  6. Almost looks like two hands getting ready to close over the field - great capture! We get tornado warnings fairly often here in upstate NY - more often than you might expect and way more often than I want to be having them!

  7. You're brave, with 2 storms coming! Great photo though!

  8. Did you see Dorothy and her little dog toto too?

  9. hmmm what it takes to excite us sometimes huh lol
    Great Pic :)

  10. Cool picture! Though I assure you if you will ever come close to a Tornado, you will no longer be that welcoming! ;)
    Cheers, Klaus

  11. the local news here in NJ kept breaking in to tell us there was NOT a tornado warning - now that's service.

    then they would show all the cell phone shots of the funnel cloud off LI and again tell us it wasn't OUR tornado

    I felt so unworthy.

    Wonderful shot! I too like the storm fronts on sports field symbolism.

  12. I heard that alert .. several times as it interupted my DVR'ing of All My Children ... do the authorities not get that right now Kendall and Zach are trying to find out what Annie is up to?



  13. You are too funny; someone who misses tornado warnings! I have to admit, they are exhiliarating in their way. I love a good blow, too, but not the twisty sort, of which we get all too many here!

    Good photo of the approaching storm fronts. Nice Sky Watch.

  14. cool pic!
    happy friday to you!
    Hugs Laura

  15. Yah that's weird but we had one here before too...a funnel even formed, it was crazy. I guess you never know. Keep safe.

  16. Are you serious? You never get tornado warnings where you live? We'll be glad to share anytime.

    Nice photo.....Happy SkyWatching!

  17. TS: Just a beautiful sky convergence. If that is your flowers above at least the flowers are producing.


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