Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Travails of Travel

Off to Missouri I go!
We're on time, and I walk out to the plane. 
(It's a small airport.)
Uh...excuse me, I was not told this was a 
prop-plane!!  I don't do prop-planes! 
Well, ok, I did as I really wanted to get where I wanted to be. 
So we taxied out and then sat...and sat...and sat...
Bad thunderstorms in the area...very bad...
I am muttering every prayer, spell, mantra...
I'm sure you get the picture!

Two hours later.......we were airborn.  
(And, you know all that stuff I muttered before?  
It was remuttered during our bumpy takeoff, believe me.)

Must say, when you fly at an altitude of only 
16,000 feet and just after a storm has gone through, 
the sights are amazing! Here's a taste of what
one sees looking down - just wait till you see the clouds and sky!
(just wait, 'k?)




  1. I don't do props either but have gotten on a few and bitten my nails to the end!

  2. Now tell me - I can't stand the excitement! DID you survive?
    Great shot through the window!
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. I don't like props either. Great window shot! Can't wait to see more. Have a great time!

  4. Oh cool ... not the props but that there's more neat photos to look at coming soon .. right .. soon?


  5. Love the picture. No way in a crop duster would I be flying. Stronger woman than I.

  6. oh! what a great shot through the window. Mine always come out blurry of course that could be from my hands shaking in terror

  7. The only nice thing about all that is the view. I'm with you on the prayers and mantras. I hate it. And prop planes? God forbid!

  8. I don't even do big planes let alone props... you go girl!!! You are braver than I would ever be!
    Those are really beautiful pics, though!


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