Monday, August 18, 2008

Top of the World!

Rocky Top
Well, at least in our little part of Missouri. 

Continuing our (Saturday) hike, we circled around the valley via the creek bed and then went home by going up the hill and cliffs at the opposite end of our parents' property. On this end of the valley, the cliffs are more compact, if you will, but just as tall. The one you see here is a good 60 to 75 feet from its top to the forest floor beneath it. (At the bottom of the visible rock you can see on the right, it just drops off).  Unfortunately this cliff is also in the way of the connector the MO State Highway Dept. thinks is absolutely necessary to build between Highway 63 Interstate 70. It will be the second interchage. Very very necessary don't you think? Enjoy the photo. In the near future this cliff will be no more as it's slated to be blown to smithereens. Isn't imminent domain just wonderful? On to happier things...

Climbing to the top of the world
After I'd quickly come down from the top*,
Dodgie decided he, too, needed to see the world from the cliff top,
So up he climbed.
(*I lasted up there for about 6 seconds...
Heights and me?  Not so much. 
And it's getting worse the older I get!)

On Top of the World
Dodgie on top of our MO world.

(And though it is a good 65 or so feet 
down from up there, there is that large ledge
(you can see it in the first photo, above) 
just in front of Dodgie, so he was never in any 
danger...though it does look rather precarious.) 

While the woods, valleys, cliffs, stream and hill top plateau with pond that comprises this paradise my parents call home are beautiful any year (and any time of year), this summer of '08 has simply been over the top - just breathtakingly and incredibly gorgeous. Columbia (and most of Missouri I suspect) has had so much rain this year and so few days of blistering heat, everything is green, green, green! The landscape, whether wild or manicured looks like it's still the middle of spring, not the middle of August. It's been one of the most stunning summers Missouri's seen in a long time! (When I can finally upload photos onto Flickr, I'll share some of that beauty with you.  Brother Bill has had a bit more luck with the internet and has managed to upload some of his - if you'd like a taste of this paradise, please head on over to his Missouri '08 pics! (Oh, and if you want to read about Cody, the very best pound puppy ever, visit this post of his. You won't regret it! I promise! ;-)




  1. That lush green is very beautiful. That is indeed the top of the world!

  2. Is that Interstate business new? That makes me so mad, Annie. Gah. When are you coming home?

  3. What a beautiful place and how sad that they have to destroy it for an un-needed interchange. I'm glad you got to visit it once more before its gone. Looks like you had a super vacation! Missouri is a beautiful state.

  4. Thinking of you and glad for you to be spending time in a beautiful place with those you love.

  5. I'm so upset I'm missing meeting you!! I'm like over there the day you leave!

    So your parents live out on the East side of town? That's where SuperGuy works. We're going to look for an apartment, condo, or house on that side of town after sharing the apartment this year with my son. (our apartment is way over on the west side)

  6. I am SO not a height person, odd for someone five feet ten inches tall but no, I prefer heels to hills


  7. The greenery is just beautiful Annie!

  8. I'm visiting MO vicariously through you! I hate going there in the summer since I now live in the arid desert. The humidity KILLS me, but if it's not that hot, I'm sort of envious. The pictures DO look more springlike than summer-like. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself.

    And I'm wondering about that interchange for 63 and 70. Didn't they build a new on less than 10 years ago? Maybe a little more, but it's been long since I went to school north of Columbia. But that tells me about exactly where you are. Definitely a pretty, wooded area.

  9. Gorgeous images! Thank you for sharing!
    Cheers, Klaus

  10. Louise - yep, they did build a new interchange, and have "upgraded" it several times in the last 10 - 15 years. Now they want to connect Stadium Blvd. to I-70. Mom just told me there's 7 different designs on the table and no one can decide which to use - of course every one of them will destroy homes and wooded areas - but that doesn't stop them from clearing vast amounts of land.
    On google maps (, put in "Cinnamon Hill Lane, Columbia, MO" and you can get an idea of what "progress" is being made.

  11. That's beautiful. What a shame about the highway coming through.

    I'm with you on the heights thing. Never had the fear as a child, but now I freak out. Oh, and I would have been crying like a baby if my son got up there on that rock. I'd panic, have to sit down, break into a sweat and repeat myself over and over again, something like, "Oh no, get down. You're gonna fall. You're gonna fall." And my son would shake his head and note that this is one more reason his mother belongs in assisted care.

    Beautiful landscape!

  12. you are making me homesick...I go no less than once a year usually in april but I talk to people up there weekly... Love the photos!
    HUGS Laura

  13. That story just makes me want to cry! Ah, progress...

  14. ...That is beautiful and I'm so sorry to hear of the imminent domain issues. It's so sad to see something so beautiful disappear all in the name of progress...

    ...And yes - it is beautiful here. This has been the nicest summer we've had here in Missouri in a very long time! Your parent's place looks lovely too...

    ...Have fun! (I'm waving atcha'...)

    ...Blessings... :o)

  15. Gasp.... such beautiful and gorgeous photos... it's an amazing green!! Really love the photos!! WOW =) What a pretty area.


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