Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fossil, Fountain, Fruit, & Floating

I discovered this rather large rock by the side of the creekbed in the valley below where my parents live. If it had weighed about 40 pounds less, I would certainly have brought it up to the house. It didn't, and so it remains by the side of the creek bed. I'm thinking this is a fossil of a backbone of some sort of creature, but...I'm a fossil idiot...HELP!!! If there's anyone among you who knows what fossil this is - LET ME KNOW!!!

This is a fruit dessert we devoured one of the nights we were in Missouri. The peaches were local and so sweet they made us cry - ok we didn't cry, but we did say ummmm a lot! Not a better dessert to be devoured!  

And then there's floating. Our parents' most excellent new doggy, Cody, (please don't be bored with her yet - there's more to come!), has determined that whenever any human is in that little john-boat she has to be in it too.  Her navagational skills are most excellent - usually she's standing on that end platform as if she is captain of ~her~ ship. Didn't matter who was the human paddler, Cody was there to lead the way!


expect anything!


  1. What a fun variety of photos today - the fossil is interesting, the fountain is lovely, the peaches - well, you said it: Yummm..and Cody - she's a dog and dogs are wonderful!

  2. running water one of the reasons we built the pond, the fish of course are another... but the biggest and funniest reason is I wanted my dear hubby to build me a 200 gallon aquarium into the wall of the house... long story here but he had put on into a beauty shop he was building and I loved it, the 4 aquariums already in the house were quickly becoming not enough to make mama happy and we all know when mama is happy everybodys happy right... so anyway he worked with a guy who had a big pond in his back yard and one day came home with some pictures of glenns pond... I gave up the big aquarium in the wall for an outdoor pond quickly :) and the rest is history as they say :) Hugs Laura

  3. That rock? No clue on the fossil, but I might have to find some heavy-duty lifting equipment to move it where I could gaze at it when I wished! Gorgeous.

    I love fountains a gurgling water. Prince Charming does not. (City boy.)

    I also love hanging out in boats.

  4. Each picture and thought wonderful! Love the fossil...don't know what it is. Love the fountain...your mom has good taste! Love the dessert....I just made a peach pie with local peaches, but that sure looks good with the blueberries! Did you top it with ice cream?? Love Cody....will look for more Cody pictures with joy. What a nice lake and having a boat to get out on it is wonderful. Sure glad you are taking us along on your's fun!

  5. Wonderful selection! An interesting mix! And the rock - well that is something else! Way cool!
    Cheers, Klaus

  6. Looks like some sort of tailed critter left that ... more than that I cant even guess tho I could make something up ...

    Those blueberries are SO blue ... I can taste the tart of them with the sweet succulancy of the peaches ... all it needs is a dollop of vanilla ice cream at the almost mush stage .. ooooooooooooh


  7. Could you possibly move the rock with a wheelbarrow. I think getting it to someplace where there is a archeologist might be very rewarding.

    One of our rafting guides picked up a rock off the side of the river this year. He could hardly wait to tell me that he had taken it down to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller and they told him it was over a billion years old and part of some creature! He still has the rock.

    I adore water. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a water baby. So post as many pics of water as you want. I have spent the summer looking in vain for the perfect fountain. Perhaps next year.

  8. When dessert is good, I always cry!

    That fossil, I have no idea but how cool is that? Loved it and thanks for sharing.

  9. Cool fossil! Sounds like you a great time home visiting. Hey, do you know where the Stadium cutoff/interchange is going to connect to 70? I know you showed part of the area that was going way. I looked online and couldn't find the final plans for it.

  10. 'expect anything!'
    which is what happens when I visit your blog--fossils(!), fountains, peaches and Cody. What a fun time I've had. Thanks.

  11. Nice photos and those peaches look awesome. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that fossil could be. Very interesting, however.

    Now to go out to the farmstand and look for peaches . . .


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