Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Uh Oh....

One boy, dripping wet...
Cody Checking on Roger after Fall in Pond
One dog, perplexed and thinking...

"Uh...is this approved human boy-child behavior???"
("Oh, and by the way? If it isn't, I had nothin' to do with it!")
That Cody - such a smart dog!

Dodgie and Cody were running around the pond
shortly after Dodgie and Bill arrived in MO. 
Of course, Dodgie "happened" to fall in. 
Hmm....Cody and I both wonder if perhaps it was intentional...

Obviously Cody wanted to be sure her humans knew she had 
nothing to do with Dodgie's pond immersion, 
and only with Dodgie's  excellent doggy supervision.



P. S. - I am having GREAT difficulty downloading/uploading my photos via this Columbia connection, so I stole my brother's photo (the first one, second one is mine, 'tho he stole it from me - turnaround is fair play I suppose...) - when I return home to the land of the good wifi, I hope to have pond and other photos to share with y'all... 
Please, contain yourselves! I know I know, you can hardly wait!

A small taste of the fun to come: 
(below are the only photos of mine I've been able to download)


Long Jumping into the Pond


  1. Fun! And good pics, too!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Love the dog in midair!
    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  3. "Wasn't Me!: said Cody. *g

    Looks like everyone is having such a great time. Isn't this weather wonderful? Who knew Missouri in August could be like this! Hoping for good weather tomorrow for move in day at college.

  4. You are having way too much fun :-) Who needs wifi with a lake, a dog, and a boy on a nice day??

  5. That second shot is so fabulous!

  6. What good shots ... way to go!

    And Cody, I know you had nothing to do with Dodgie's 'fall'


  7. Those photos are priceless.
    I can see you are having a wonderful time.

    Bear((( )))

  8. There is just way too much fun being had there!

  9. Poor Cody, he looks like he's fretting. Good doggy.

  10. FUN!

    I'll try to maintain ladylike composure until you return to the land of wifi.

    Until then . . .



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