Monday, August 04, 2008

A Forgotten Phone

Last week I took Gus to the airport to catch his flight home as GB (above atop Glassy Mountain in South Carolina enjoying the incredible view along with a stogie) had a meeting and couldn't.  Because I have an issue with my left front tire (it's bald - I don't know how that happened, and I also don't want to talk about it.), I took GB's car to LGA instead of mine to drop Gus off. On the return trip, I dropped by GB's office to exchange cars. Got home and promptly realized I'd left my phone in GB's car. Called him and asked him to step out the office door and push the remote to unlock his car so I could retrieve my phone. Of course, as is par for the course (at least my course), I got sidetracked and didn't leave to get it as soon as I thought. I finally got there, tried the car door and it was locked. Minor irritation set in. Went up the steps to the office and in to find GB. 

GB:  "Where have you been? I thought you were coming right away!"
Me:  "I was, but got sidetracked. And the car's  still locked - why didn't you unlock it?" 
GB:  "I did! I punched the button a bunch of times." 
Me:  "Well, it didn't work, the car's locked." 
GB: "Whatever, I called you several times and you didn't pick up! What's the use of a cell phone if you don't answer it???"
Me: "Uh GB...I'm here to get my phone out of your car. How could I possibly answer it if it's in your car, for God's sake???" (At this point I'm pretty sure a big old eye-roll was done by moi.) 
GB:  "Oh, well, um, yeah. You have a point there." 
Me:  "___________________!" (At this point I know a big old eye-roll was done by a bit of muttered swearing.)

(This one's for Daryl in honor of her just fabulous ~husbandisms~.) 




  1. I find the most fascinating part of this story that one bald tire. You got some 'splaining to do.

  2. LOL! Males are just....different, I tell you. I'll never understand them.

  3. You could never understand this as hard as you

  4. Duh...just smack him next time :)

  5. Sounds about par for the course with men.

  6. I'm with Mental P Mamma on that!
    And someone has to protect poor GB.
    First he did what you told him to do, and then you give him Flak! ;)
    If you open your car with the remote it usually closes automatically after some time of nothing happening... Now who was the one getting sidetracked, thus late?
    @ KACEY:
    LOL! Females are just....different, I tell you. I'll never understand them.

    Grin - Cheers, Klaus

  7. So perfect ... Husbandism material for sure ... wait til you see tomorrow's ...

    Please get the tire replace ASAP ... its dangerous to drive that way!


  8. I do believe that I've been through almost the same exact scenarion, lol.

    Aren't husbands special? Don't answer that.

  9. LOL beautiful picture!
    nough said LOL

  10. Rolling my eyes here in commiseration with you.
    One word-----MEN!

    Bear((( )))

  11. Oh awright, I'll take care of the damn tire tomorrow! Honest!

  12. Yeah, Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do.


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