Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day is Done

Driving around this CT Northeast area I live in, I came across the above. A sculpture on the grounds of an estate in our ~Gold Coast~ area. The homes here, which are all directly on Long Island Sound, can't even be seen from the road, but in this case, their sculpture can! (UPDATE - mom just informed me that Claes Oldenburg created the above sculpture. You can learn more about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claes_Oldenburg.) How appropriate for my evening sighting after the first day of school! It's really quite impressive. At least 25 feet tall and true to the last detail. If I had that on my front lawn, it would be my front lawn! (BTW, how long has it been since you've actually seen an eraser - normal size - like that? Does this date me to ancient times?? Yes? OK!! I'm OLD!)

On another note, a fellow "former native of Missouri" blogger has honored me with the following award. I really appreciate this because she managed to describe what this blog of mine is all about when I haven't really been able to. Louise of the very readable and wonderful blog Potted Frog bestowed this on me and described me as follows:

"Another "expect anything" blog with lots of ~great~ [her word not mine, tho it pleases me immensly] photos. She is from my home state (as is Lisa from above) and that makes her (and Lisa) extra special."

Thank you thank you! I so very much appreciate this, Louise! Louise's blog is much the same as she described mine - never know quite what will be there, but it's always entertaining (I hope) and, in her case, simply wonderful. (Lisa's is so very good too.)

I can easily pass this on to Mary, Helen, Michele, Kate, Daryl and Lyn, and, oh yes and my brother Bill, among others...let's not forget Klaus, and, of course that mental friend of mine...well, just sometimes.
O alright already! I obviously could go on and on! There are many places I visit that have outstanding photos and words - these just happen to be a few of my very favorites. Hope you can visit a few of them, too.


expect anything!

P. S. Don't even ask me how Weight Watchers went this week!


  1. What an ominous fence!

    Glad to hear that you survived your first day back. 'Nurse Nancy' and son stopped by on their way home this weekend. We managed to have some good laughs in a short visit. Next weekend we will host her husband as he makes the same trip - and our son will follow him back as he returns to that Jesuit college nearby.

    Perhaps we will get to meet sometime - I think it would be a hoot.

  2. All this time I didn't know you lived in CT! I've only been there once--to visit a cousin who lived there. I had the grandest time.

    The eraser? Well, I used to SELL erasers like that at my Office Supply Store--back in Missouri! Not sure I'd put one in my yard, but whatever works!

    Thank you for your nice words!

  3. I love that eraser. Squazz knows those people....and thank you;) Have a great day!

  4. Surely is blue!
    Thanks for nice mention.

  5. Oh, my gosh...I have a picture of an identical sculpture from the sculpture garden in Seattle last year! Has to be the same artist! Who else would do giant typewriter erasers! How funny! Congrats on the award!

  6. ...So, how did Weight Watchers go this week? lol... ;o) Sorry, I couldn't help myself...lol...

    ...Wow, you're right. I don't know when I last saw an eraser that looked like that - it was a long, long time ago... And come to think about it, it's a shame I didn't keep one because now it would be considered a "collector's item" and might of brought a pretty penny on Ebay... Right up there with my Flipper lunchbox I had in grade school...(*sigh*) lol... ;o)

    ...Congrat's on the award Miss Annie! Truly deserved. :o)

    ...Let's hear it for Missouri women! YAY! :oD


  7. ...Btw, my husband is up there in your native neck of the woods today. He left early this morning to go up to the hunting property near Columbia... :o)

  8. Welcome back! And I too love that sculpture... takes me right back to 'College Prep Typing I' which pre-dated White-Out. Good God, how old am I anyway?

  9. Wow.. thank you .. wow ..

    And dont stress, WW is always about 'its a new day. start again' ...



  10. Wow - that's great looking sculpture!
    Congratulation for the award! And thanks for awarding me with it!
    It 'll show on my Awards Page! :)

    Cheers, Klaus

  11. My question is why and who?
    Who owns that home and why did they put a sculpure of a giant erasure on the lawn?

    Too wierd!

    Bear((( )))

  12. Hm, when IS the last time you've seen a real eraser like that??

    Must go check out other former Missouri bloggers. Thanks!

  13. Congratulations on your award! I have to agree, I never know what to expect when I come here, which has NOT been done properly lately. And...

    How did WW go last night? I had to.

  14. Well, it is interesting, isn't it, but we say that about Picasso too.

  15. Thanks for the award!

    I used an eraser like that, so it looks familiar to me.


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