Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Serenity

Age-worn, or perhaps battle-worn, but still beautiful. 

The entire time I was in Missouri, I was hoping to take a photo of a monarch butterfly. No matter how long I waited for one to "pose" for me, it just wasn't happening. On the last day we were there, this beauty posed for me for a good 10 minutes! 

Thank You, Most Majestic Monarch!




  1. Yes -- it was kinda funny. There was only a couple of monarchs to be seen while we were there.

    Yet, nearly last year (a little later in the year-- October, 2007), there were dozens of monarchs flitting about.

    And if you are in California in February, we can head to Santa Cruz to see the Monarch wintering grounds:

  2. How serendipitious! Good shot. And bblum's first shot here is beautiful!

    Happy Sunday to you, Annie.

  3. That's purty. And he does look a little battle-worn... Kinda how I feel;)

  4. When I was growing up there were Monarch butterflies every where, as a matter of fact there use to be all kinds of butterflies. Now we hardly ever see Monarchs and seldom see any type of butterflies, it's a shame, something so beautiful.

  5. Gotta head down to Cape May in September its where they all go during migration ...

    Nice shot!


  6. I just saw my first Monarch of the year last week. They are so pretty. I'm hoping to get some pics of one when they get a bit more frequent.

  7. You took wonderful advantage of the opportunity! Great shot!

  8. It's beautiful! I can't wait for the monarchs up here. :) I have seen a couple but there will be more soon. :)


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