Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Booche's is....FFFFFFabulous...

I have to admit that though I grew up in Columbia, MO, I had never been to or even heard of Booche's. Where the hell had I been??? Both my sis, Carrie and bro Bill knew it well and had been there many times - was I in a time capsule??? Anywho, this trip to Columbia, bro Bill informed me that it was well and good time that I visited Booche's and drown in its glory. So we did:

Sliders.......possibly the original slider? Courtesy of:

Do NOT try to see my reflected image above - do NOT!

My Brother Bill: "Ann, we must go to Booche's for lunch.
Me: "Why?"
Bill: "Because they have the best damn sliders you'll ever eat!
Me: "Bill, I've eaten sliders from White Castle???"
Bill: "You have no idea! Booche's are the very best ever"
Me: "Whatever!! I've never even heard of Booche's." ( embarrassing)

Booche's, (which is in Columbia, MO on S. 9th Street, for those who are interested), has been around since 1884. I lived in Columbia Missouri from the time I was about 4 (about 1959, for all you date-hungry people, ugh!) until the Fall of 1973 when, (much to my parent's delight), I graduated from Hickman High School and went off to KU. I've come back to visit regularly over the ensuing years....but never until this very summer have I even heard of Booche's, let alone visited this esteemed establishment. My God! I am bereft at what I've been missing all those years! (Can you believe this place has been in business for well over 100 years!?!?!?!)

Off to Booche's my hubs GB, brother Bill and I go.

Bill: "They have the coldest beer I've ever had, GB, you'll love it!"
GB: "Whatever..." (GB, unspoken, "Like I care!")
Young, scruffy bearded waiter (YSBW): Hi, uh like, what do you want to eat?"
Bill: "I'll have 2 sliders."
YSBW, very enthusiastically: "Great! Our sides are onions, pickles, mustard and catsup."
Bill: "I'll have the works."
YSBW, looking at GB: "And what will you have?"
GB: "I'll have a cheeseburger with lettuce and mayonnaise.
YSBW: "Uh..we don't have any sides other than onions, pickles, mustard and catsup."
GB, muttering and with a touch, just a wee little touch of sarcasm: "What kind of place is this??! Just give me a cheeseburger and a Michelob - if you're in Missouri you should always have a draft Michelob and you do have Michelob, don't you??"
YSBW: "OK, true about the Michelob in Missouri, and we have it on draft, but the sliders are really small - you really might want two of them."
GB: "OK, whatever!" GB was definitely not a believer at this point...

I order my one burger and then say: "Do you think they have French fries?"
YSBW, overhearing what I said: "MAN, we don't, but wouldn't we have made a ton of money by now if we did???"

Several minutes later our burgers are carried to our table on their little squares of wax paper with a napkin on top - no plates or cutlery, thank you - as you can see above. Bill knew how good they were...GB took his first bite and, well, if I'm honest, (however embarrassing it is to admit), he began to purr. "Damn! This is the best burger I have ever had!" He then promptly ordered a third burger.

See that grill hood on the far left?
That's the entire ~kitchen~, if you can call it that.
And it's where all the great grill goodness comes from.

A pool hall in the back...


expect anything!


  1. This is always a fun visit. Thank you!

  2. Now you've made me terribly hungry! And it's only breakfast time...too earlier for a burger! Looks like one of those wonderful places that not only has great food, but great atmosphere! How did you miss it all those years?? Why did Bill wait so long to take you??

  3. You didn't tell me about those! Yum.

  4. I am guessing they dont have veggie burgers either, huh?


  5. Not fair! Lunch time is approaching and you serve me this!;)
    So I will have to settle to go well over 50 ft across the street to visit Jack's BBQ.
    Cheers, Klaus

  6. I'm starved and dieting. Thanks a lot!!!
    That pub looks great. I love the woodwork.

  7. Hubby would like the Pool... and the burgers... I'm vegetarian so yeh, no burgers please. Ick.
    However it does have a really nice atmosphere! I'm all into that! Cozy.

  8. YUM! If I'm ever in the vicinity of Columbia, MO (not an impossibility), I hope it's during business hours for Booches.

  9. I have never been so hungry on an ABC Wedneday before.

    Please send food.

    Bear((( )))

  10. Never heard of it, either, but will have to check THAT place out, too, on another trip.

    And sue me, I don't like White Castle! I used to date a guy from St. Louis, and I think he nearly broke up with me over that!

  11. The key word is TRY.

    TRY not to get too excited. It rarely works for me, however.



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