Monday, December 01, 2008

A Very Good Thing Will Now Continue...

The smoked turkey...
One of the three birds that has 
graced our Thanksgiving table over the years. 
Our gas grill died a stunning death just about a month ago. Stunning because we use our gas grill at least five nights a week and I really don't know what we did for all those dinners we were without it. Just before Thanksgiving it became obvious we really had to replace said dead grill, as it had become quite crucial to our (read my) sane existence to do so. 
And so GB went out on the ~Great Gas Grill Hunt~, as only a male can do. He was quite successful (surprise!)! And upon his return, he told me he also got me a present. It wasn't much of a pretty present, nor one a girl would think of as romantic, but to me, it was just perfect (because sentiments of times past were definitely getting in the way).
This is the Super Smoker GB and I received as a wedding present 31 years ago this coming April. Last Thanksgiving '07 it smoked us up one heck of a perfect turkey bird. This just past Thanksgiving, not so much...  
On Wednesday around 5:00pm, I got this year's turkey ready for smoking, (secretly thinking I'd put her on our old smoker just for, well, memories sake). GB took me to task and told me not to be such a sentimental old fool. ("Sentimental old fool" is quite easy for me to do on any given occasion, just ask The Hallmark Channel - I weep at the drop of an "I love you".) Fine!, I thought, I'll show him - we'll just use the new smoker! Well...I read the directions...and the new smoker had to be cured for three hours. Fine!, I thought, I'll show that new smoker! I'll start the turkey in the old smoker, and use it one more sentimental time. Tried that - the outlet shorted out. Tried a different outlet - it shorted out too. Oh dear - broken! Weep, weep! 30 years of service...over!   
Though I didn't want to give up the old smoker (after 30 years?!!? sacriledge!!), it seemed it wanted to give us up. Sentiment isn't all it's cracked up to be. (sigh)

The above new (bright red!!!) smoker did a turkey bird that was just over the top! 

Though I don't give up turkey secrets easily, 
maybe I will if anyone wants the recipe. 
Once you taste this....
Well, let's just say, you'll never be the same!

expect anything!


  1. Annie,
    That turkey looks amazing! I'm so glad everything worked out for your dinner!

  2. It looks and sounds delicious!...but I don't have a smoker! You have a very wonderful husband who gives very nice gifts from a heart that knows his gal :-)

  3. It sounds like you have wonderful cooking experiences at your house. We have a small, bottom of the line smoker. It's for small items only - fish and small cuts of meat. A smoked turkey sounds intriguing.

  4. I have to tell the truth.
    I've never tasted turkey from a smoker.
    Is it moist or dry?

    Bear((( )))

  5. We fry our turkeys. Yum. I bet the smoked ones are good too. I'm for anything that gets them out of my oven!

  6. You neglected to tell me about the gift from GB part! Are you going to show the one that came out of the fryer? Are you?

  7. sounds wonderful but now you have to get a rotesserie (show time brand is best) and do yourself up a turkey in there... there is nothing quite like that juicy feast that comes out of it... Or bring your new red delight on down and we can do some turkey cookin :) I have yet to try a deep fried turkey that i care to put past my its ok if you dont show that one LOL.
    HUGS and congratulations on a new extension to the family!
    HUGS Laura

  8. Looks interesting. I've never had smoked turkey.

  9. My brother in law smokes turkey every year. It is the best. Yep bring on the turkey secret. We have deep fried a turkey before which was pretty good as well.

  10. That sure looks yummy! 30 years sounds like a long time to have a smoker. Way to go - love the new one!

  11. I've never tried smoked turkey. I'm trying to think of a way you could turn that "old friend" into a planter for your yard! LOL

    So sad :( You sure do have a nice hubby and I'm glad you all had a nice bird to eat!

  12. That sounds wonderful! I admire your efforts to have a good bird on Thanksgiving. 30 years is a lot of service!

  13. Sometimes I'd like to never be the same.

    But then I wake up and realize that things could be a lot worse!

    Congrats on your sexy new smoker.

  14. What a funny post! I hope the old one doesn't have to remain in the way for a long time because you can't get person to remove it. Glad the new, VERY SHINY one worked so wonderfully!


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