Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Stella does not like them...
She is very content without them...
She'd like to know if you have a problem with that...
expect anything!

P.S. I still haven't done anything about obtaining that 
"doggy-green-eye-killer photo-shop thing".  Sorry!


  1. I like carrots but kids and dogs seldom do. It´s okay with me.

  2. Oh what beautiful markings, she looks almost albino.Ask her if she liks turnips or parsnips, I'd like to see her reaction.
    Lovely post, we have a little Rex, growing like Topsy every day.

  3. Janis -- our 13 year old bundle of 'tude -- did not like carrots.

    Until Ruby came along.

    Ruby *loves* carrots. Begs for carrots. Drools for carrots. Will sit and stay for a carrot.

    So, now, of course, Janis *loves* carrots, too.

    And butter lettuce.

    And arugula.

    And broccoli, especially raw.

    But Janis is not without here deep seated green weirdness.

    For Janis has always had a soft spot for curried brussel sprouts. She'd take one ever so gently, place it upon the ground, then roll in it....

    And once said sprout was thoroughly tenderized, she'd eat it down and beg for another.

    Ruby? Not so much.

    Janis? We don't give her sprouts any more.

    The farts are far too wicked to bear.

  4. Riley will take them if the lovely Stella turns up her nose!

  5. Tell Stella that I don't like carrots either. Totally unnecessary little orange things. Good for her for taking a stand against them. Give them to the rabbits and gerbils.

  6. The guinea pig eats them, so he is our daughter's role model. She, like Stella, could live without them!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Well if Stella ate her carrots, perhaps she wouldn't have those glow in the dark eyes...lol

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  8. Stella is beautemous with or without carrots. I would have no problem with her...at all, ever.

  9. I love Stella... and Squirt and I will take her carrots... Hank says he does not like carrots either.

  10. Stella is beautiful, green eyes and all! I am not currently owned by a canine, but my grand-dog Buddy, who visits from time to time, loves carrots, but only raw.. not those limp cooked things!

  11. My dear departed little dog used to beg for raw carrots.
    He thought that they were a real treat.

    Bear((( )))

  12. Animals like kids make it very clear what they will and will not eat . Stella's got lovely eyes I am sure she doesnt need those carrots

  13. LOL! Karl is not a veg dog either and he holds his paw - although his right one - folded, like Stella.

    She's gorgeous - green eyes and all!

  14. Isn't it funny how they eat around the things they don't like. Sometimes I will mix soft food with some of the pellet food for our little one and she will take all the pellets out and put them on the floor to eat after she is done with the soft food. Makes a mess, but that is how she likes it so we don't make a fuss!
    Great post and pictures!
    Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  15. How fun. What a beautiful dog.

  16. Maxie will eat just about any vegetable or fruit, cooked or uncooked. Carrots are a favorite along with cucumbers, green beans, pea pods, tomatoes, broccoli, apples and bananas to name a few. She also shares my mom's bran flakes, my shredded wheat and any thing else she can beg.

    But honestly Stella, it's okay if you don't like carrots, I won't hold it against you!

  17. Stella, you are beautiful without eating carrotts. And Carson says he doesn't like them either.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Stella is a gorgeous dog.

    Both our dogs love carrots, but both are members of the if it will fit in the mouth, it must be food school of canine gastronomy.

  19. George doesn't eat his carrots, either. Ditto spinach.
    Those are groovy laser eyes, too. Ask Daryl if Picnik takes care of the eye thing.
    The link is here and it's free:


  20. That's funny! I started my German Shepherd on a raw food diet (lots of veggies)...he LOVED carrots, but didn't like broccoli. Since we went on vacation, I wasn't around to feed him. Now his skin and fur look AWFUL! He does get canned sardines and they are helping his dry, flaky skin! I need to get him back on his veggies! Thanks for reminding me!!!


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