Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Drop

12 past 6, am
Turkeys still sleep on tree limbs...
But...sun's in the drop...

expect anything!

P. S. If you look closely at the top left corner of the picture, you will see light reflected off of a dew drop. It's the rising sun. How lucky I was to catch that! Couldn't have planned it if I had to! You just get lucky every once and a while. 
BTW - those turkeys roost in that particular tree every sunset, and fly down every sunrise. I personally think that's quite an uncomfortable way to spend the night. But what do I know...


  1. Love the drip - and "action" photo!

    I want to know when I can come turkey hunting at your house? Not that I hunt. But my brother-in-law who works at LLBean does. Can he come hunt for Christmas dinner???

  2. Fabulous!! It is all in the timing and the talent of the picture taker!

    I now know that Turkeys do actually fly. Geeze.

  3. What a fabulous capture! Well done, Annie! that is so cool. I love the turkeys in the tree waiting to fly or fall out in the morning :-)

  4. Great capture...I don't hunt but my husband does. One time he killed this turkey and decided to barbecue it..just for a change. He cooked it over 24 hours in the crockpot on low and it was still tough and stringy. But he and the guys he works with ate it anyway.

  5. Whoa, that's super cool! You were fortunate to catch that... neat-o!
    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  6. At least the coyote can't get them.

  7. ...Great photo! Kinda reminds me of a Halloween picture or somethin'. Kinda spooky... :o)


  8. It's like they are vultures. And i truly appreciate the dew drop reflection, very cool.

  9. I'v heard turkeys going to roost while I was working late in the garden -- lots of wing flapping -- but have never found the tree. Here, with so many trees to choose from, they do change locations periodically for reasons unknown to me.

    Superb droplet!

  10. How cool that you caught the rising sun reflecting off a dew drop. What were the chances?! What an excellent shot with the turkeys too. I'd definitely call that a Photo Op.

  11. That is so COOL! And that's probably a really safe way for those turkeys to spend the night. :)

  12. Better the turkeys than me! I love the photo Annie! That dew drop is amazing!

  13. I have heard Turkey in the Straw but never Turkey in the Tree ...

    Can you imagine if one of them had a tummy bug?


  14. Lovely drop of sunlight there. Great photo. Those turkeys are keeping safe up that tree. No one wants to be a turkey dinner for a coyote, fox, or dog! Which raises the question: Is is more comfortable to be alive and up a tree or dead and unaware?


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