Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Serenity

Not a lot of serenity for annie today...
No internet at home and for no apparent reason.
So on this first full day of winter,
And because of very limited photo resources,
I leave you with a touch of spring serenity.

Magnificent tree peonies in
my parents' MO garden, spring 2008
Emailed photo courtesy of mumbum (my mom).

expect anything!


  1. It'll be a while before we see any of those puppies around here;)

  2. I love peonies and have many. I haven't added a tree peony yet - I think this spring will be the year.

  3. beautiful flowers and I hope the runaway internet gets its booty back where it belongs!
    Hugs Laura

  4. you should have posted a picture of poinsettias!

  5. Those are gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. You may not have been having a good day, but you sure brightened up the day for the rest of us with these really great peonies! I love peonies and these are absolutely beautiful. I don't have any tree peonies, but not I want some! HOpe things get better and you get your internet back.

  7. What a nice reminder that there is something to look forward to this cold cold cold miserable bah humbug Monday

    I hope you are back up and running!


  8. So Pretty In Pink!


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