Thursday, December 04, 2008

Favorite Word of the Day...

Lament:  A song or poem expressing grief, regret or mourning...

Oh noooo....

YUM, I'll eat this up...
Thanksgiving food left alone!
Oh! I'm discovered!

Curses! A feast foiled!
They have caught me in the act!
My humans are baaaad!

Miss Stella-Bella spent a good many hours outdoors on the days following Thanksgiving. Suffice it to say, her  Turkey-day food haul was astoundingly ginormous and we really didn't want to know the end of that particular story...

Do excuse her ET eyes...cameras should come equipped with not only red-eye erase ability, but pet (green)-eye erase ability as well. Someday!

expect anything!

P.S. - That tilted thing in the photo is a disposable pepper grinder I bought at Costco (wonderful, by the way). Must warn you, if you have a shelf above your cooktop, it is not a good idea to put disposable plastic pepper grinders on said shelf. They will soon take on a shape all their own. 


  1. too funny... melted pepper grinder and alien eyes on stella!

  2. Laser dog has come for your turkey day leftovers.

    Do not taunt nor threaten laser dog.

    Laser dog has melted your pepper grinder in warning.

    Laser dog must now be left to consume in peace.

  3. I didn't notice Stella at first. I had to really look and then it hit me ....her eyes. Hilarious! I love the melted pepper grinder. Something that would happen to me.

  4. Love your grinder. :) Mine has the handle broken off - 15 years after it was given as a wedding gift. Haven't had the heart to replace it.

  5. That melted pepper grinder adds the perfect touch to that table. Hope you got enough Nature's Miracle to handle Stella's--er--lamentations.

  6. STELLA - I can just hear Marlon Brando call her! What an imp! Like Egghead, I didn't notice her at first and had to play I-Spy on the picture to find her.

    Love the peppermill - the Leaning Tower of Pepper perhaps. It adds quite an interesting touch to the table.

  7. Stella's eyes make the shot :-) I like Ellen's name "the leaning tower of pepper". A funny always entertain us and leave us smiling.

  8. For a second there I thought Stella was being served up as the third course.

  9. He thought he was gonna get away w/ the big one, huh!?!

    Thanks for the heads up on the grinder shelf thing too! lol

  10. First the blackened turkey photo and now the mishapen pepper grinder.
    I can't wait to see what's next.

    Bear((( )))

  11. has in its FREE editing stuff TWO red eye correction thingies.. one for humans and one for FURBALLS! AND it works, its what I used to turn Gus's catarac eyes into black healthy looking eyes in the shot I took of him looking down on Fred & Bessie ..


  12. I didn't notice Stella either until I read the entire post!

  13. ...Oh how cute! Aren't German Shepherds just the best? Our German girl passed away last Spring, her name was "Hanna" and we miss her so... Whenever you do a post on Stella it reminds me of our girl...(*sigh* :o)

    ...Yeah, it kinda looks like she's tryin' to hypnotize you, "tell Stella to eat turkey", "you love Stella and want her to eat turkey", "Stella eat turkey" ;o)

    ...Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one TSAnnie!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  14. That demon dog needs to have an exercism! Will she cough up a turkey? What a picture! Thanks for the warning about the pepper grinder!

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  16. One of your funniest ever! I can't stop laughing. I had a brittany once who ate an ENTIRE ham off the counter...I turned around to put it on the table and it was gone! And the dog (appropriately named Trouble) was green.


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