Friday, December 19, 2008

NOW it's Finally...The MOST Wonderful Day!

I had a very bad calendar date remembering day yesterday and wished my folks a happy 60th. One day early...o dear...As I wrote yesterday but applies to today, the 19th: 
December 19, 1948
Today, exactly 60 years ago, our most wonderful parents had the good sense to marry each other. They've abided all these years, through thick and thin, gathering family and friends along for the ride, and what do they have to show for it?? Just an enormous bunch of folks, be they family or friends (really one and the same) who love them dearly and would do anything for the two them! What a wonderful life they've had...and have given to us - actually everyone they've loved and who love them. (That loving them part is so very easy to do!) 
Sky Watch Friday, yup, also part of this post.
Above, the church where my parents were married,
 California, MO.

Dad was part of the Korean War effort - in a  MASH unit - can you believe it?!? 
He and mom had a 6 month furlough in Japan (where this photo was taken). 

Just love to you, our dearest parents...what a gift you've been! 

Not only to us, your children, but to every life you've ever touched. 

The happiest of anniversaries to the two of you, 
with lots and lots of loves and hugs from (me!!) all of us who hold you 
so very close to our hearts!

xoabb (et al)
expect anything!


  1. Happy anniversary to your parents. They raised one sassy wonderful daughter!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents! They have raised a wonderful daughter, as far as I can tell and you are a credit to their love and devotion. You are all blessed and a blessing to others who meet you.

  3. Congratulations!!! Happy 60th Anniversary!!!

  4. Trying it again!

    Congratulations to your parents! What a wonderful life they've had together!

  5. I like this could have been longer and I would have enjoyed it even more! But some is better than nothing.

  6. They are still so cute! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Another mazel tov .. wishing them many more .. lots of healthy happy years with all their loved ones!


  8. ...Awwww... "Happy Anniversary!" TSAnnie's parents! Such a beautiful bride too! ;o) Here's to many more years together and many blessings too!

    ...Sweet post TSAnnie - you did good... :o)


  9. How totally awesome!!!!!!! Happy 60th Anniversary to your parents !!!!!!

  10. Oh, wow! Happy Anniversary to your parents! Mr. Snooty's parents both passed away just short of their 50th anniversay. You are so lucky to have your folks & they're adorable! Both of our Dads were also in the Korean War effort too. These could almost pass for my sweet in-laws pictures.

    You seem like a wonderful daughter and you are surely blessed to have such lovely parents.

  11. Best wishes to your folks. What a sweet post, Annie!

  12. Now I have tears in my eyes - This is a great post & Congratulations to the Happy Couple!!! And California, Missouri - I had to look that up on the map, but I see it now - it isn't too awful far from me in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

  13. Wow! 60 years. What a wonderful sweet post. Congratulations to your parents.

  14. AWW.... fantastic!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Truly a remarkable post!

  15. Just means we get to wish them a Happy Anniversary twice! wonderful post!

  16. How wonderful that both of your parents are alive to celebrate such a monumental anniversary! I enjoyed the photos and am wondering where is my scanner! Oh well...another day...another box!


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