Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sweeping Saturday Sideways

Saturday Sweeps - Stella, Socks, Turkey Struts
A Stella Invasion
GB got out of bed just a bit ago to satisfy his ice cream sundae obsession. When that business was dispensed with, off he trotted back to bed. Shortly after I heard, "Ann! You gotta come up here and see this - and bring your camera!" (He's learning, folks, he's learning!) Off I go. She didn't even move when the flash went off. Stella is the definition of utter prone relaxation. (By the way? She's just pretending to be asleep.)

My Dirty Little Secret 
(actually it's my clean little secret in this case as they've all been laundered.)
For all the years I've had more than me in a home (just about forever), I have not been a willing sock sorter, (actually I've never been a sock sorter - just ask my mother). I've finally given a lot of thought to this and have come to several conclusions:
1. It is not fun. 
2. Since their teen years, the 3 females in this family have worn the same size sock and the 2 males have worn the same size sock, and all my kids still do their laundry here. Guess what? Not a one of them likes to sort socks (I wonder why??). Thus mass sock confusion continues to reign.
3. I simply cannot throw away odd socks. I just know I'll find its mate 5 minutes after the garbage truck pulls away with odd sock in it. Case in point, some of those socks you see in the odd socks basket have been in there for at least 2, maybe 3, years. And I've found matches for some of them at times! I really have! I have a problem.
4. I spent 4 hours last weekend gathering up every dang sock I could find in the house, washing them if needed and pairing all of them I possibly could. I united many an odd sock and it made me quite happy. Let's just say the sorted and paired sock haul was an embarrassment of paired sock riches...and I really do have a problem.


...the Struttin' Fancy that greeted me at 7:15 am this morning

Then they performed the Struttin' Snub for me...
Their way of saying, "Get back in the car and go to work!"

So I did.
And now it's Saturday!

expect anything!

P. S. Thanks so very much to all of you for the embiggen suggestions -
 I tried several of them, and it seems to be working thus far. 
Yes, I'm so very thrilled that sock photo can be made big - just so very thrilled. (sigh)


  1. Happy Saturday Annie! A few comments on your post - indulge me please:

    Love the turkey videos. The snub was hilarious. I have never seen so many turkey butts.

    Your sock hell made me laugh. Socks are always the last thing I fold when doing the laundry just because they are so time consuming. Thank goodness my husband wears socks with patterns so they are easy to pair. It's the boy's athletic socks that drive me nuts!

    As far as Stella, does she insist on laying on clean clothes? Maxie will sit on the sofa when I fold clothes and she has to put some body part on the folded items. Especially if they are warm.

    Thanks for making me smile so early on a Saturday morning.

  2. Oh yeah! I just buy them all alike...and always end up with an odd number! :)

  3. Annie, you clearly had too much time on your hands. You should have come back over to Jules'. That way, GB could have entertained himself with that basket of socks.... The visual of that just made coffee come out of my nose;)

  4. Hey they made it through Thanksgiving those lucky turkeys.

  5. Of course they were struttin' the fools forgot that tho they slipped by the Grim Reaper in November there is still Christmas dinner coming and they could be part of it ..

    Sock .. gawd danged sock .. only 2 of us here and the one of us who does the laundry never ever ever ever pairs up the socks .. he sez .. well .. that's for a toon so I will save it

    LOVE your pup waiting, impatiently


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