Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One Lone Duck...

My "Backyard" World...Abstracted...

Wonderful neighbors to our left and our right. 
Ducks abound among other creatures,
(tho there's just one in this photo),
On this pond of ours...
Right now, isn't it just a
Perfect autumnal scene?
Ahh! That's my world!

expect anything!


  1. Lovely! Still so much color and the duck is just the perfect "jewel" to top it all off. Lucky you!

  2. What a peaceful site. If I had a SECOND ROW seat, I could see it better.

    Nurse N will get a coveted nut roll. I'll be sure to ask her to share some with you.

  3. Beautiful. How long before the leaves come back? I'm depressed.

  4. This is like the perfect country autumn scene - I really really like it! Very nice!

  5. What an incredibly beautiful, wonderful you world you live in!
    ...With a fire engine red turkey smoker no less!

  6. enjoyed the tranquility of your photograph...thanks for sharing.

  7. LOL at Ellen. Agree. I could see better from the 2nd row. Just kidding. This is gorgeous! You guys have so many photo things going, I can't keep em straight, but love looking at the photos!

  8. Annie: Must have missed you in the cue with the mess we had last week. Beautiful view of the pond.


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