Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MY World - A Necessary Narration...

Saugatuck River with the tide going out. 
My school building and ~The Stuart Collection
reside along the banks of this river. 
I've close ties to both. 
Obviously my mallards have lost their way....
Excuse me!  Sasqua Pond Road!! That's your home!!!
Go back NOW!!!

All we girls gathered at Polly Rae's home tonight
to celebrate the Xmas holidays...
and also, unbeknownst to her, to celebrate a soon-
to-be birthday as well!  (Miss Kim, above).
Isn't she lovely?? (O dear -that's a Stevie Wonder song, yes?)
Holiday celebrations and birthday celebrations...
What a wonderful time was had by all of us!!!
And a very happy b-day, Miss Kim!

And now on a sad side note....
As you all know, much to my angst, ~The Stuart Collection~, the store I moon-light at, is closing. To add phenomenal insult to phenomenal injury, yesterday morning, some very unkind human(s) shop-lifted every single piece of our Vietri cutlery samples from the pictured display case. No, obviously none of we workers working were aware of the theft. (This has never been the kind of store shoplifters regularly visit.) We figure a lookout was watching the register part of the store, where most of us were, while the shoplifters were quickly - and silently - loading all the flatware into their bags...and quickly escaping. It's been reported to the police and I hope we get ~lucky~ and the baddies are caught. Not much of a chance...but still!

I think I'm losing faith in we humans.....

expect anything!


  1. Shoplifters suck!

    Keep the faith, there are lots of good people to make up for the bad.

  2. Never lose faith, Annie! I'm sorry that such a thing happened and that your friend's store is closing. I know this is a time of saddness for you when you would rather be joyful and happy as in your celebrations. Hang in there! If you don't lose faith, new doors will open for all of you. Hugs from me. Merry Christmas, Annie. Your photos are lovely of the ducks and water.

  3. Wow, that really is disheartening. Such a bummer about the store -- I'm sorry, Ann!

  4. That really is something. I stick to my theory that is was more than one person. Happy birthday in six days Miss K!

  5. That's nasty AND rude ...

    Happy B'day to Ms Kim


  6. OMG how can people be so gutsy and stupid that is so terrible. And Happy Birthday to your friend!

  7. How sad to hear of another small business closing! I am particularly sad to hear of the theft! But just remember, the world is not all bad. Look at all the good and kind blogging friends you have! I hope and pray the theives are caught as well. Please keep us posted and stay warm and healthy and have a Very Merry Christmas!

  8. I know what you mean when you say that you're losing faith in humans - I am too! I was robbed back in Aug 08 and I've become bitter because of it - well, that and some other things going on in my life right now. I try to be positive, but there just isn't a good outlook! I'm sooo sorry this has happened to yet another person and I'm going to pray that you get the stolen items back & that they catch the horrible people that did it.

  9. You have kept your faith longer than I have. I wish the best for all at Stuart Collection.
    Merry Christmas Eve TSA!

  10. It's a shame that some folks have no shame!

    But, just like the Grinch, those thieves (may they cut all their fingers), cannot keep Christmas from coming!

    Merry Christmas, Annie.


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