Thursday, December 18, 2008

For Cryin' Out Loud!

Just got a call from my mother-dearie.
My parent's anniversary is tomorrow.
Not today.


expect anything! 
sometimes even the wrong thing!

P. S. To those who might be confused about what the above refers to: Earlier today I had posted a photo of my parents along with happy 60th anniversary wishes. If you had stopped by before 10am today, you would have seen it. If this is your first visit, just come on back tomorrow and you'll be able to see it posted on the correct date. 


  1. Oh ... well ... its not as if you were going to be there .. you sent a card, right?

    Forever I confused my mother's birthday and their wedding anniversary ... they got married (June 16) the week before her birthday (june 23) ... or maybe it was the reverse .. ummmm

    Happy Anniversary Annie's Mom & Dad!


  2. We are so in tune - I called my parents to wish them a happy anniversary the day after their anniversary. Of course, I spoke to them on their anniversary thinking it was the next day.

    I think my brain is estrogen starved.

  3. Lovely flowers to make us not notice your lapse of memory :-) Anniversaries are hard to remember....I have to use a list to keep up with birthdays and still miss some!


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