Monday, February 23, 2009

Because I've Been Void of Blog Fodder....

I decided to follow Mama P's lead and do that goofy "~insert first name~ + the word ~needs~" thingy. In other words: "You put your name followed by the word "needs" in a google search and post the first ten things that come up." Here goes:

1.  Annie needs to release a live album - have you heard my voice?? I don't think so!

2.  Annie needs prayers - well...well...hmph!

3.  Annie needs a spanking - actually this is referring to Ann Coulter, and I wholeheartedly agree, the woman needs a spanking, among other interventions. And this is coming from a blogger that actually likes her and agrees with most of what she spews forth. Ewwwww.

4.  Annie needs miracle! - don't we all!

5.  Annie needs a home - not yet.

6.  Annie needs advice - don't we all!

7.  Annie needs more students like Jack H. - I'm sure he is just a lovely fellow.

8.  Annie needs Jesus - umm...ok.

9.  Annie needs the basics - people really love to name pets Annie - this is the fourth dog/cat post with the pet having that (MY!) name.

And the very best one of all - 

10.  Annie Needs To Take DRASTIC ACTIONS NOW By Marrying Adam Chandler Sr.  OK, I must admit I used to be a HUGE viewer and fan of AMC, but not for years now. Who the heck is Annie and why should she marry that scoundrel Adam? (I do remember that Adam is  a very bad boy.)

There, all done. That was fun! Amazing how the internet (and google) can entertain us! And for hours on end!

Till tomorrow, my friends, when I fully hope to return to the land of the thinking sane folks...

expect idiocracy at times!


  1. That was fun! I googled mine and about 4 or 5 of them said I needed a country boy or a farm hand or a roll in the hay or . . .

    Hey they all don't sound too bad, actually.

  2. This was fun to do! Mine said I needed a home too? Is someone trying to tell us something?

  3. Fun and funny! I'm off to try my luck - who knows? :)

  4. Okay, 4th time I've read people doing this in the past 24 hours! I will do it too. Can't be left out LOL!

    I had to go see why Ann needed a spanking. Yours came up with some goodies! My first one was Debbie needs a saddle. Not without a cowboy in it!

  5. These are fun! And yes, the entertainment factor IS amazing!


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