Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feelin' It!

As in Feelin' the Fever....of the Spring variety...
The inside garden has Fabulous
Forced tulips.
And they just makes my Spring Fever worse! 
But then....
In the outside garden I Find 
Firm evidence of Spring 
Furtively creepin' on in!

Yup, Feelin' the Fever, here, 
I'm really Feelin' the Fever of our coming Spring!

expect feverish longings for Spring!


  1. I had my dose of forced tulips on Valentine's Day. Made me hungry for more. Thanks for these.

  2. Tulips ... forced or willing ... they are making my heart sing SPRING IS ON THE WAY

  3. and the dogwoods are in bloom here in Atlanta...spring is in the midst of "springing"

  4. I'm not finding any signs of spring yet here - Dang it!

  5. Oh yeah, I'm feelin' the fever right there with you! ;)

  6. Lovely red tulips! How nice to have some inside. I never think to do that. I'm beginning to see a few green shoots outside, too! Hooray for spring soon!

  7. Spring fever is surely contagious! I'm feeling it, too. Beautiful photos!

  8. So nice to have tulips...even forced...pretty red shoots here yet...

  9. And F is for Florida - where I am warming my bones, and looking for birds! Love your red flower!

  10. The Daffs are just starting to grow along our driveway, Ican't wait until they bloom.

  11. I think I need to go investigate the ground level where tulips should soon appear--see if I also have shoots.

    We got the rototiller serviced. Can spring be far behind?

  12. I have snowdrops and crocuses! And lots of daffies in bud, too! But the weather has yet to catch up here.

  13. Here, in Australia, we're heading int Autumn (Fall). But I well remember the Spring Fever of my early English days and it was a delirious thing! I envy you all in the Northern Hemisphere because Spring ALMOST makes up for the winters. (I love that old song 'Spring Fever')

  14. I sort of miss Spring not in the Southwest. It is my least favorite season here. Not a lot of bulbs here, but a few. And the blooming trees will be pretty (for a week, if that), but it's windy here then. This reminds me of why I used to love Spring.


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