Wednesday, February 04, 2009


ABC Wednesday - It's a C! Today I'm sharing with you two definitions of the word ~cute~. The first is the sarcastic version, the second, the adorable version. 

Yesterday as I was driving up my street, what did I see? THIS, on the side of the neighbor's yard...cuuute! What's going on? Is this the new place to exercise, or is there a new dump yard I don't know about? Whatever it is, it's tacky


Cute: endearingly attractive in the way that some children (see below) and young animals are.

Little Miss Magic wants help putting on her princess slippers. 

She wore them the entire evening. 
It improved her bowling game immensely!

expect anything!


  1. First photo: I hope it's trash, as I cannot bring myself to believe that anyone would do stationary exercise in the snow. Hope it goes away soon (the exercise equip., not necessarily the snow.)

    Second: Yes... c.u.t.e.!

  2. That seems an odd place for a stationary bike!.....the princess is adorable in her shoes!!!

  3. C for burn Calories ;) And I agree - also for Cuuuute :) She is just lovley :)

  4. Oh she is so CUTE ...

    and that neighbor maybe trying to make a point tho I am not sure what .. maybe this is the 'tony' CT way rather than old heaps of cars in the front yard there are exercise machines ...

  5. Those don't look like rental shoes! She's a doll. As for that exercise bike, well maybe they were hoping it would turn into a snow mobile. Just a guess!

  6. I love all the cuteness! Those bowling pins are to die for! Thanks for sharing.

  7. LOL, the first photo is of course and very appropriately where ALL exercise equipment should go! That was great! Ha-ha

  8. Yes, I like the exercise equip. out in the snow! That little girl is really her shoes...

  9. I want me some of those slippers. She is adorable.

  10. Well I will be going to get me a pair for sure! Anything to help my beloved bowling skills!

    Wonder if the boys will wear them?

    Love U.


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