Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Organic Complaint

Dear 365 Organic, 

I love your products, I really do, and while I'm willing to pay more for your organic product than for a non-organic equivalent, I am not willing to pay for a plethora of organic spinach stems. While a few stems are understandable, a plethora of stems is not.

Until you improve your stem count, sign me...

Not buyin' Spinach 365!

expect irritations at times!


  1. You have to get the baby spinach at Shop Rite;)

  2. Now that looks like something I would find....

  3. I, too, love the 365 products but have not found spinach in my beans. Maybe because I love the freshness of the produce at Harry's / Whole Foods.
    Let's for a FaceBook group that boycotts Spinach 365!!! Kidding...
    But I bet if you spoke with the manager of the store, he would gladly offer you another one for free!

  4. I'm with you. Being a celiac I have to eat very special (expensive) food without gluten in it.

    It's hard enough as it is just finding the food - let alone being taken for a ride when you open the package.

    Write the company and complain. I love doing that! I've never gotten any results from it - but I still love doing it!

  5. That was what you found in your bag of "spinach"??? Not acceptable. Spinach is supposed to be green and leafy.

    If it was chives that you had bought, I'd say you got some pretty good, healthy looking chives. But spinach? Looks like Popeye or a hutch of bunnies broke into the bag before you bought it.

    That's just weird!

  6. Annoying!

    My similar pet peeve is buying fresh broccoli and paying for that huge hunk of stem. Argh.

  7. These are actually a new veggie called spinach bean stems...not to be confused with bean sprouts...quite tasty when you cover them with a tempura batter and deep fry...yea pop a few of those babies, crunch and munch and your good to go!
    I'm just sayin'...

  8. Strange. I is too expensive to have that many stems.

  9. Thanks for the warning. I almost bought that last week.

  10. Wow, that is strange! (and I'm not going to be in Columbia this week. Of course. Hope you come back this summer.)


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