Friday, February 06, 2009

Sky Watch Friday...and a Stella Tale...

We've had extreme (at least for Connecticut) weather here this winter. Last Wednesday, early dismissal was called. I went home to do...well something, though two days later, who knows what the heck it was and then headed back out. I took the above photo while just leaving our driveway. Isn't this just a beautiful winter scene, even taken through the windsheild, what with all it's water drops? (Of course, you know how I feel about winter...)

And now a Stella-bella tale...

A little background first:
Stella and I have our routine we go through every morning before I go to work. I let her out, then back in a bit later, and always make sure her water and food bowls are clean 'n full. Then as I'm walking out of the house, I reach into the already open open the front closet, reach into the treat bag and give her a rawhide square. Stell grabs it and then goes to her crate cave and lies down for a good chew. (An aside: She adores her cave crate - and the door is never locked.) 'Nuff background, on to the story:

I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching TV when I hear quite a bit of ruckus behind me. I turn around and what do I see? Stella has her entire head in the closet, obviously buried in the rawhide bag. She pulls out her head and starts walking toward the kitchen and there are at least 6 rawhides sticking out of her mouth in every direction. Suddenly, she sees me and I swear to God her eyes widen to the size of saucers! She then promptly opens her mouth and lets all the rawhides fall out and scatter on the floor. Stella is now looking at the ceiling and everywhere else but at me, all the while slowly and as nonchalantly as a dog can, turning around to leave the immediate premises. "Stella! Naughty!" I say to her. Of course, she turns around and looks so damn guilty I totally forgive her and let her keep two of the rawhides...Don't tell anyone, but it's the second time this has happened...and there certainly could be a third...or fourth time...o dear! (sigh)
Yup, I'm wrapped around her paw...totally wrapped.

expect anything!


  1. If you come home someday and see a strange person sitting in your yard just taking in the scenery, don't be's only me. What gorgeous surroundings you have there!

    Poor guilty, caught-in-the-act Stella. The most important part is she got to keep two of her chews. I would have done the exact same thing. She is just as gorgeous as the surroundings.

  2. Stella, Stella, Stella! She knows were the goodies are and you can't stop her! Cute story.

  3. Oh I am so loving Stella and her bad bad ways ... I love a rebel ...

  4. A beautiful winter photo and I love the Stella story....she certainly does have you wrapped around that paw of hers :-) I bet next time she gets to keep three...or four...or....

  5. Gorgeous view at your place. I might be forced to enjoy snowy weather if I could look at something like that!

    Sweet, s.m.a.r.t. Stella!!

  6. I think I've pulled a Stella once ot twice:)

  7. Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back OFTEN. I'm enjoying reading yours and seeing the weather in Connecticut... We've had a hard winter (for TN) for far --but not too much snow. Since I'm a snow-lover, I'd love to see a little more snow here before spring...

    Stella is SO abused. I can tell!!! ha


  8. LOL, naughty Stella, indeed! (lovely winter photo too!)

    Did I see somewhere that you were coming to Columbia? Email me with dates? Did you already email me? Am I losing my mind? (don't answer that!)

  9. This is so funny but I think maybe she knows just how much of a softy you really are. That photo is beautiful...I love it through the waterdrops.

  10. I love your sky view shot. And dog is so cute.
    Missouri, USA

  11. Your sky is a bit dismal,but the winter scene spectacular! And that Stella!!! Too funny and cute!

    My dog is starting to lose his hearing. I think he thinks because he can't hear every little thing (his hearing used to be his keenest sense), that WE can't hear HIM. So he's been doing Stella-like pranks more and more. We are shocked at his behavior. It's either the hearing or he's gone crazy. Maybe both!

  12. Love the winter sky and that was a great "Stella" story. A

  13. Oh, Stella must be friends with my oldest pup Casey. She can do the same thing but with Milk Bones, and pretend it never happened!!
    The youngest pup Zoei still sleeps in the spot where her crate was.

  14. Hilarious re-telling of a doggie gone thief. Saucer eyes!! Looking around and acting nonchalant!! Too funny.


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