Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home is Where the Heart is...

These Missourahhh days are done...
...but just till next time.
A short week has flown by and now 
I'm off to my other much loved home. 
One here, one there,
Both where my heart resides.
And both wholeheartedly adored. 


I am so very blessed!

Photo: 2/21/09 5:43 pm
Columbia, MO


  1. Now this photo reminds me of MY parents place - we build a fire in the fire ring & kick back on some weekends at the pond! Good times we've had out there!!!

  2. I would love to be sitting in one of those chairs!

  3. Nice photo ... makes me want to go visit your parents ... glad you're on the way back ... travel safe!

  4. MMmmm... such a pensive area... love to be there... have a safe trip.

  5. OK...enuf of the ponds what 3 in a row? Get back and make some noise!

  6. What a beautiful peaceful spot. Makes me want to go there. Have a safe trip home to your other home.

  7. Hi ~ Glad you had a relaxing visit back 'home'. I love all of the green at your parent's home - they have wonderful green thumbs. I enjoyed the virtual vacation!

  8. oh wow, I love this picture!
    I'll try to post my picture that gives me the same kind of attitude.

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  9. That picture is beautiuful. You are very lucky indeed!.

  10. How great to have two much loved homes :-) Glad you had a good week there.

  11. I'm sorry I missed you this time. You must come back this summer so we can get together! I'd love to meet you. We could go antiquing!!

  12. Oh my! That would be so hard to leave!


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