Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frustrations, Indoor Plants & Good Eatin'

Year round, I sleep with the window cracked open no matter what the weather. Usually this poses no outside ~noise~ issues in the least. Yesterday morning was the exception. I was all snuggled in my bed, sound asleep, when I gradually became aware of loud screeching and honking noises. When I came to enough, it was immediately clear Canada geese were coming in for a landing on my parent's pond. I figured there were at least 100 of the suckers, the honking was so loud. Never one to miss a photo opportunity, I quickly dressed and went outside to see the squadron of geese that was causing all the ruckus.
There were precisely two pairs of geese on the pond - that's only four geese, not the 100 I was sure had landed (ok, so I misheard the honks a little)! One pair on either side of the pond and both pairs trying to outdo the other with their carrying on. Mom came out on the deck at that point and told Cody to "go get those geese"!! Cody perked up, looked around and immediately headed off into the woods. Good dog. Mom said they've been working - to no avail, obviously - on Cody's goose-chasing skills.
I was able to video a great (to me at least) sequence of the winning (we think) pair taking off and chasing the other pair out of the pond. It was great - it really was - and you would have enjoyed it - 10 seconds long, you wouldn't even have gotten bored. However....blogger...grrr!! Blogger decided last night was the perfect time to be persnickety about video uploads. So no go on the geese. Dammit.

Instead, I bring you greenery even in the midst of winter. The above photo is the window seat in mom and dad's kitchen, though no one's ever sat in it in all the years they've lived here. As you can see, there's colors galore from at least five different flowering plants (and one white coffee mug I forgot to remove).

Now for the pièce de résistance:
The world's longest and largest nasturtium. Dad has it gerry-rigged all over the greenhouse, and I'm sure he'll have to add more as it grows and grows. No blooms yet but the foliage is just beautiful.

Those parent's of mine have two green thumbs each.
And those thumbs are very very deeply green!

Later today dear friend Bobbi & I are off to Booche's for a slider lunch.
It's my must-go-to lunch destination any time I'm in town!
(I've already emailed that show "Diner's Drive-In's & Dives" that they must-go-to Booche's.)


expect frustrations...and then good eats!


  1. Lovely colors...they are grren thumbs.

  2. I love the plant. Enjoy the sliders, and, apparently, the atmosphere too at Booches. Do they have a "Sunday Special?"

  3. love the greenery and have to laugh at the goose story... the other day I was outside with Hank (the cat) and heard what sounded like a HUGE flock of geese... 5 geese finally flew over LOL.

  4. Truly. Minnesota is NOT that far from Missouri. Oh, those flowers, and the greenery, and the pond, the view outside of that window seat. How can you ever bear to leave all of that; it is so beautiful!

  5. I'm jealous of your green thumb!

    Did someone say lunch?

  6. I love drive-ins, diners and dives!

    And yeah, that's a great goose story! And the dog *snort*. If I'd turned the brute squad lose they would have dove in the water to get the geese. Except for Maddie, who's too cold to do anything!

    Love the green thumb!

  7. Annie! I cannot believe how similar your parent's and your house are! Have a slider, or two, for me!

  8. All that lovely flowering greenery ...totally makes up for the lack of honker video ... have a yummy lunch ... do they have veggie sliders for those who dont do meat?

  9. I, too, sleep with the window open no matter what the weather!
    A few weeks ago, I encountered 22 Canadian geese sauntering across the parking lot of the grocery story.
    Have fun!

  10. Too bad we couldn't see the video - that would have been fun to watch!
    The plants really ARE very nice - I used to have plants all over my house, but then, I got cats & they like to pee & dooky in them, which KILLS them, so I opted to give the plants away! hehehe

  11. Those sliders looked totally scrumptious.

    Four geese, lol. Hey, if I had been asleep I would have thought there were hundreds of them too. Every time a barking dog wakes me up I think it's at least a whole pack of dogs.

    I can tell your parents love their indoor garden... I do too!

  12. Oh yes, those geese can make some noise! And yeah, your folks sure do have the green thing going on!

  13. Always enjoy your stories :-) I'm sure I would have loved the video, too. The plants are beautiful. Enjoy our slider!

  14. Love the window seat! I've had a hard time getting nasturtiums to bloom, too. I've heard they need poor soil. I don't know. They were growing wild all over Bermuda.

    And I'm always amazed at how much noise even TWO geese can make!


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