Friday, February 20, 2009

O What a Sky it Always is!

Missouri Countryside: Land of the Big Sky 
photographed on Interstate 70 East
Disclaimer: I love Connecticut where I've lived for 30+ years. However, there is no ~sky~, let alone any big sky in Connecticut. It's just bits of blue here and there after the tree-tops end. 

I was so very fortunate to grow up in (my beloved) Missourah. (Yeah, I know that's not the way it's actually spelled, and to the purists, not how it's actually pronounced, but to's my actuality, and always will be, ok??) Though I've not lived in MO for many years, I still pine for the sky that's always found there. It seems to go on and on and on. Wish I could convey what it feels like to see this huge sky stretching out in front of you. It is simply awesome, wonderful, breathtaking, gorgeous...and something one never sees on the East Coast. 

All the world is beautiful. Who you are and where you are determines the strength of the beauty you see.

expect big beautiful beloved skies!


  1. wow, this is so cool! i love how big you've made the sky when choosing your frame.

  2. those skies out there sure are something!

  3. That big cloud in the sky reminds me of a freeway with the little ones serving as off ramps! How funny and lovely!

  4. I see what you mean about the bigness of the's huge. Great colour graduation and the clouds/contrails frame it well..

  5. You are so right! Beauty is everywhere!
    Lovely skies!

  6. That is a beauty, for sure. You might like the skies i posted for Sky Watch and go back two or three or four days for another sky shot in both color and black and white. I think you will like it even better..

  7. I didn't realize it was so flat there...beautiful shot Annie! We miss you!

  8. Beautiful shot, Annie! I always visualized MO being more forested. I hadn't thought about wide open spaces and big sky!
    Really nice!

  9. A very big and beautiful sky! Glad your homecoming is bringing back good memories.

  10. I love that overwhelmingly vast sky .. and the flock of birds exiting the scene on the right

  11. Annie: That is a great sky and I love all the birds in the corner, it is big sky.

  12. The governors always say, "Missourah." It always bugged me because that's not how I said it. But YOU can say it however you want, and it won't but me at all.

    The part I'm from DOESN'T have a big sky, but when I went to school near Centralia, the sky always attracted me. My favorite were the lightning storms.

    But my sky here is way bigger than my MissourEE sky!


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