Monday, February 16, 2009

On My Way!

If you're an early morning visitor, as you read this I'm on my way to Missouri to visit my mom & dad. It's been a while and I can hardly wait to get back there! 
This is what my parents' pond looked like the last time I was there, last August. I'll take a photo when I get there and let you see what it looks like now, in the dregs of February. Not as lovely, for sure, but maybe I'll find signs of the Spring to come around the pond edges. 

Don't you just know I'll love every minute I'm there??? 
Yes I will!

Bobbert, call me! 
Hey there, Kacey - are you in town?? 

expect a homecoming!


  1. It is so obvious how much you love going home:-)

  2. Geez it's so beautiful. It makes me want to wear shorts!

  3. Safe travel .. when you are back we must schedule a visit ..

  4. Happy trails my friend. Enjoy your family and friends.

  5. I hope you find the pond to your liking but be prepared for the winter version! Have fun!

  6. That's a long trip you're making back here to Missourah!!! But I hope you have fun when you get here!!!

  7. talked to my aunt this mornging they are in the snow again. horridly cold temps... but you get the cold junk too so it will be ok :) me would go into freezer shock LOL
    Have a safe fun trip!

  8. I went to boarding school in Missouri & it is one of the lovliest places ever!

    Have a wonderful time visiting the folks!

  9. Beautiful!

    Have a wonderful visit!

  10. Oh, what fun. Have a wonderfully loving time with your fam.

  11. Have a blast!...My hugs and kisses to Rog and Mar:)


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