Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Serenity

Wherever you travel, 
Wherever you roam, 
When you come right down to it, 
There's no place like home.

expect no place like home!


  1. You have said it all! May I come over and just warm my back for a few minutes? My fireplace hasn't worked right for 10 yrs!!
    Have a nice serene Sunday.

  2. So hypnotic .. so soothing ...

  3. I totally agree, and I love that picture. I love to sit by a fire of any kind. So long as it is real!

  4. That is my favorite verse. I say it every time we go away for a while and many times after a trip to the grocery store.

  5. Thank you Annie! I got sidetracked over at "the island". That was a great read :) Thank you.

    I thank God every night I have a roof over my head. Everyone should have a home...a safe place.

    The fire looks gorgeous. On my way.

  6. Too True! Makes me want to click my heels together.



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