Wednesday, November 04, 2009

News Story

In the backyard, 10/29/09.
Above has nuthin' to do with today's post, but I like it. So there!

Today I read a story about a young boxer who was down on his luck but ultimately worked (is still working?) his way to a better life for himself. Here is what he had to say:

"I could ask someone [to help] but then at the same time, how hard are you going to work for something if every time you get in trouble somebody catches you? I did something to put myself in this position, I have to [do something to] work my way out of it."


Words to live by.
For everyone.
Me included.



(You'll find ~The Boxer's~ story here.)


  1. If only more of the young people in our nation understood this! Good for him!!

  2. GOOD FOR HIM!!!!! Love that you posted this. My children need to read this one.

  3. What is wrong with that man? Young kids and adults don't think that way anymore. Doesn't he know he's supposed to blame everyone else for his problems?

    Now if he could only beat some sense into my own kids - that's the message we've been trying to teach them since they were born.

    LOVE the photo, BTW.

  4. That young man's words and that photo are both awesome

  5. I wish everyone felt like that...we would have a more productive nation and happier people around us!

  6. Some day, I hope my son understands this wisdom.

  7. Amen Sister! It's so true and very mature in a world of immaturity. Ummm... me included.

    And those trees!!!! Ohhhh!

  8. That photo and those trees are SPECTACULAR.

  9. Oops, the words are too, but being easily distracted by colors I focused more on the photo.

    ADD Queen

  10. If only the majority of the world (specifically Americans) felt the same way. If only...


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