Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My mom and dad are here, we're having 30 for Thanksgiving dinner and I work until 12:45 today! Scatter-brained? Yes! Discombobulated? Definitely!


I have a secret weapon that's called FAMILY! So there's LOADS of help for all the prep work/cooking/decoration/cleanup, etc. Jules (always my very secretest - that's a word, btw - weapon) desperately tried to have Turkey-day at her home, but all the ~children~ overruled. They all informed us - from the oldest at 30 to the youngest at 2 (ok it wasn't Little Miss Magic, it was that 8 year-old Connor-Man) - that tradition dictates Thanksgiving is always here while Christmas is always there! There being Jules and family's home.
Whatever! Just know getting to the big day is a lot of work, but once we're all seated around the table(s), we'll all count our many blessings and be very thankful we've all gathered together one more year.
That said, the time for bloggin' will be a rare event for the next week like anyone will really miss anything.
So, my friends, I want to wish every one of you a very blessed day full of wonderful moments that turn out to be future moments you give thanks for. Thanksgiving...the very best holiday...

May Thanksgiving day and the thoughts behind it be just wonderful for everyone!


expecting thankful thoughts all around!

Above photo taken of our smoked turkey last Thanksgiving '08.
Click here to see it!

P. S. We always have 3 turkeys each Thanksgiving - a traditional roasted one, a deep fried one (though last year that didn't work out at all! Go here for a good giggle.), and a smoked one. This year, we're only doing two as our friend Tony is doing the smoking honors for us in his Big Green Egg! Just thrilled as , 1. It's one less thing to do, 2. I know it will be delicious & 3. "Houston we have a problem" won't repeat itself this year!


  1. A busy and happy time for you all and that's terrific! I'm blessed to have wonderful friends that have my son and I join their family every year for a beautiful Thanksgiving!

    Wishing you the very best!


  2. Three birds? You have a lot of turkeys in your life. ;)

    Have a great Thanksgiivng. :)

  3. Enjoy! And remember to tell GB to watch that frying turkey!

  4. Save me some sides .. and my dear Annie, I want to tell you how thankful I am for having you as a friend .. and I will see you NEXT weekend ... we gonna rock Cocktail Corner! xo

  5. but disasters make the funniest stories in later years! :)

    have a beautiful holiday!!

    sounds like it will be filled with lots of love and laughter

  6. Gobble. Gobble. When will you be making me a ham-cheesy? ♥

  7. Ann: 30 makes it loads of fun in the house. That turkey looks wonderful. Have a great time with the family.

  8. That is one delicious looking bird.

    Enjoy the time with your family, and don't work too hard.

    Happy Turkey Day.

  9. Sounds like good times. Wishing you a wonderful one.
    See you next weekend.

  10. Yum.... Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  11. Have a wonderful time with your family! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I've actually had great success with smoking turkeys in the past & they are so much better than store bought smoked turkeys. Yours surely does look delicious...

  13. Wow. It looks SO great! I am glad your family pulled thru to help you get everything ready! I can't even imagine working before hand! OH MY GOSH! You are a super star for sure : )


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