Saturday, November 14, 2009

Double Magic, Sundog Style!

Sun in the middle,
With sundogs* on either side
A sight rarely seen...
(And just beautiful)
(Thank you, Mother Nature!)

expect the very unexpected!

P. S. To my young friend, Weather Boy, aka JBM (Nurse Nancy's son), that makes 4 sundog sightings for me in the last 6 weeks! ?

*The scientific name for sundog is parhelion (from ~beside the sun~). According to my very favorite source of information,, sundogs/parhelia are atmospheric phenomenon. (Click on the highlighted words for more information and incredible photos.) Oh, and it has something to do with ice crystals. I like anything that involves ice crystals!


  1. I've never seen this in real life.

    This is magically delicious, you know!

  2. Just what is a sun dog? I'm with Kate, I have never seen this before. Very beautiful, Annie.

  3. I have seen them a few times in CA. However, I do notice that I see them far more clearly IF I am wearing polarized sun glasses. Thanks for the great photo!

  4. FANtastic! I saw my very first sundog just a few weeks ago, and as luck would have it, did not have the camera with me!

  5. I guess I've been living under a rock since I've never heard of sundogs. Very cool though.

  6. Very nice getting both sundogs! I usually only manage one, if I get lucky.

  7. Both sides at once is a little rare. LOVE sundogs! I've only seen one in the last 6 weeks!


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