Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Last Harvest...

We were supposed to have our Community Garden plots cleaned out and "put to bed for the winter" by the first day of November. Well, we missed that by one day, but yesterday, the deed was done! Remy, Kat and I worked hard and all was complete in about two hours. As you can see, our very last 2009 garden season CG Kate bag harvest consists of....peppers! What a shock!!! Rem and I have wondered often and long this growing season why we thought it necessary to plant so very very very many pepper plants. Those babies were prolific beyond belief! And the nasturtiums? Right there with the peppers! Isn't that last bouquet beautiful? (My dad sent the seeds for both the peppers and nasturtiums - very hardy Missourah seeds there!)

Our plot upon arrival yesterday.
The dead tomato and bean plants had been removed last weekend, but I couldn't bear to remove the peppers, eggplant or nasturtiums until the last moment - they were still so vigorous! There hasn't been a frost yet and I do wish we could have let everything be until a natural kill...

But we couldn't,
so it was time to put our CG plot to bed for the winter.

Our Community Garden received a grant for close to $100,000. Because of this, the wheel barrow you see above (filled with the last of our plant vegetation) plus the tool sheds and all the garden tools they're filled with (plus so much more), is available for free to all of us lucky enough to have ~won~ a plot in our community garden.

~Gardeners Extraordinaire~
Rem & Kat
(with our CG Kate Bag)
And our cleaned-up plot!
(Remember this and this?)
(It really has been a good first year!)
Half-way to a full-circle gardening year.

We're already dreaming of next Spring!

That, my friends, is a glimpse into My World for this Tuesday.
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  1. What a great idea.. something the whole family can get into with the rest of the community. I'm glad it was such a success.

  2. Know how you feel about up-rooting such beautiful flowers, I'm in the same winter-coming boat.

  3. Awwwwww.... It's always sad to say good bye to the gardens of Summer. But, you did really great! Hope you had fun. I always do...

    And yes, I prefer to let nature take its course with the garden, letting it all die with the first freeze, then adding it all to the compost pile.

    So... it will all be ready for you next year, right?

  4. Annie, when you get on the Board, you can change that dumb rule. I think it should be December 1. So there. It was a beautiful garden!

  5. I agree with Mama .. AND I think you are missing out on a yummy addition to any salad .. take those nasts and eat them .. pretty to look at, they are even tastier in a salad ..

  6. YOU HAVEN'T HAD FROST????? What is wrong with this weather pattern? I live in the southwest, granted at 5000 feet, but I've had HARD freeze, below 20 degrees. Not OK.

    I believe the rules should state a certain amount of time after first frost. I would hate to pull up vigorous plants, too.

    Just FYI, your link went to last week's post, or SWF from a while ago or something. I'm on my way to fix it now. No worries--just want you to know.

  7. p.s. I neglected to mention the nasturtiums are fabulous. I've only tried to grow them a couple of times. I think my soil wasn't right, but the blooms were sparse. I haven't even bothered here.

  8. So glad your first year was a success and I am proud of that green thumb of yours!

  9. I agree with the "natural kill". I always have a hard time cutting down or pulling out anything that is still alive! Wonderful colors in all of this!

  10. You had a lot of fun and good eating from this plot. A successful first year. I would have just hated having to pull out those healthy plants! Why don't they leave them for the critters or something??

  11. the freshest produce coming from an organic garden. great job both on the photos and on the garden. lot of info here. thanks.

  12. Sorry you had to pull up plants that were still producing. Seems a shame, but rules are rules and you've had a lovely garden. Love the photo of those peppers (I really LIKE peppers)and the gorgeous nasturtiums. My mama used to put nasturtium blooms in salads; peppery and quite tasty.

    Hope you've made some pepper sauce!


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