Thursday, November 12, 2009

Turkey in the Tree

My turkey's have finally returned to their tree home...
And I couldn't possibly be happier!
I've missed them so...

Another winter season begins.



expect anything!


  1. How amazing! Never saw turkeys in a tree before! Incredible to discover even at this late stage of life how many lovely things you can see and learn for the first time!

    Love it!


  2. Mmmm. Turkeys - just in time for Thanksgiving. Pass the gravy.

    Just kidding - I love wild turkeys. We have them around here but I've never seen one in a tree either. We do have turkey buzzards in the trees though. They're very unpleasant birds but they do serve a valuable service - Nature's garbage disposal.

  3. Ours have yet to return....guess the flocks are making their way up the parkway. There is still hope!

  4. Maybe it's the leafless trees that they like.

  5. Turkeys in a tree?

    Ugh, not ready for winter yet!

  6. That's cool! Better than "turkey in the straw"!

    I am so not a winter person =(

  7. And I happen to know for a fact that those are some mean birds. Ouch!

  8. OMGoooooosh, what an absolute treat to see. LOVE this photo. You are a gift, Tsannie. Thank you.
    San Diego

  9. You know I'm terrified of the turkeys.

  10. I had no idea they could fly that high!

    I once had like 25 to 30 Mississippi Kites in a tree in my backyard. It turns out they had run them off at the country club because they were dive-bombing golfers that got close to their nests. Crazy birds!

  11. Back when we lived on the farm, there was a peacock that had escaped from somewhere and was hanging out for a couple of days near our house. At night, it would sleep in one of the trees. And it sounded like a baby crying. Very weird!

  12. Do they know about Thanksgiving? I wish I had a tree full of turkeys....not to eat, but to look at :-)

  13. I would be happy, too. I hope there is no carnage as a result!


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