Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Heather......& A Few Turkeys, Too

As you know, GB and I went to see my sis and b-i-l this past weekend. We thought. Turns out, we actually went to see Baby Heather the cat. (Also turns out she's the unequivocal owner of my sis and b-i-l, not the other way around!)

10 years old, and with a MAJOR heart condition, Baby is the most social, demanding, beautifully gray, and all of 6 pounds soaking wet cat we have ever met. Yep, she also thinks she's human. She also has her own agenda when it comes to the important things in our life, like our wanting to take a picture of her with her face toward the camera. Can't tell you how many times I tried to do just that. Did it work??? As you can see above, nope. As all we mere humans should know, a good scratch is much more important than posing with ones face toward the camera!

But then.......Baby threw me a bone...
Feetz? Theyz weaponz I keepz hidden. 'K?
(look out - I think that pic's a contender!)

I took a great shot of Her Royal Highness....
and, DANG it, the picture's colors stink big time,
either because I did something I shouldn't have done,
or didn't do something I should have done.
Do ya think I might benefit just a teensy weensy bit from
actually reading and embracing the camera's instruction manual?!?!
Ah well, at least you can see how very lovely Baby is.

On to other matters...


Below, our pond last Friday morning:

It's early morning
Our turkeys in the tree tops
See them? There are six!

expect anything!

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  1. I am starting to look more and more like those turkeys every day.


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