Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Bridge Night!

At my house...........I hope to be reporting back, later on this evening, that I was the BIG MONEY WINNER and not those other people I play bridge with! DANG IT - I lost so badly last time I deserve to win purely on sympathy! And my loss had nothing to do with my playing abilities........I think....well, maybe a little...... I'm sending up a prayer to the fairy-card goddesses to send me grand slam-worthy cards all night long! Is that too much to ask????

I'm also hoping to be able to report that our consumption of junk food was reasonable this time. Of course, that would be a first. (Refer to this Mental Pause Mama post. See what I mean??)



  1. Did you remember to get cards? And, anyway, I am going to win. It's my birthday month.

  2. Whew!...I only had a birthday must be special:)


  3. @ Jules. Not special, just a glutton for punishment.


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