Thursday, January 10, 2008

Doin' the Talkin' and the Walkin'

I joined Weight Watchers Online with my seeester Care yesterday. We figure we'll spur each other on during our weight loss endeavors. Besides, misery always loves company.

I was SO GOOD all day....until I got to The Mental Pause Mama's house for bridge. As you will understand after you read her post, we are incapable of playing bridge if it doesn't include chips, dips, and all things baaad for you. Of course, all of this must be washed down with a champagne toast (Veuve Clicquot of course, the BEST champagne in the world in my humble opinion) among other things.

I'm allowed 24 points on any given day. I got to Lauren's (you know - The Mental Pause Mama) at 5pm and I'd only used 6 of my daily allotted points. I was feeling quite proud of myself for showing such willpower, and on my very first day! By the time I left, I had added at least two days worth of points to my total. This is not good. In fact it's quite bad.

Whoever invented Helluvagood dips and potato chips should be shot! And that's all I have to say about that!




  1. Amen. Curses to the potato chip chefs out there.

  2. Good luck with WW, Whats cookin' for tonight?

  3. After reading your comment on my post, I came to your blog. I'm so glad I did, I can totally relate to so much. I too, am a Weight Watcher member. And, meonpause eater. Etc.

    What fun to connect in this way!



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