Friday, January 25, 2008

Palm Trees in all the Wrong Places

I stopped by Lynn's Somewhat Invented Life (a very well written blog in my humble opinion) the other day and she had a tale of her tanning youth gone awry. It instantly brought back memories of when my tanning youth went awry. Ahhh those youthful memories. Grand, tho some are totally embarassing, aren't they?

I had come home from college one summer and gotten a job as a lifeguard for our city's Parks & Rec. Department. All the lifeguards were required to wear the same regulation Speedo swim suit, and that year they were simply charming navy blue Speedos with big white palm trees all over them. Some of the palms were right-side-up, some were up-side-down, some were sideways. They were not pretty by any stretch of the imagination.

During our guard shifts, we all had to sit in regulation guard chairs and, of course, we never used the regulation umbrellas.

Several weeks after I had been working, on one of my days off, I was getting ready to go somewhere that involved my wearing a bikini (which I could do Don't ask!). I had on shorts over the bottoms but just the bikini top on top. I turned around to get something and my boyfriend at the time burst out laughing. He dragged me to the mirror and just pointed at my back as he couldn't speak. I had palm trees all over my back. Tan-colored palm trees. Not just one, but many. It was simply spectacular. I can laugh now...but then? Nope!


P.S. - We're off to see my seeester and favorite B-I-L in DC for the weekend. Fun! Maybe I'll see you over the weekend, if not, then for sure on Monday. Bye!

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