Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Uh oh....the ice is coming back.....

Uh oh......see the ice that formed overnight on the pond?
The temperature has been dropping all day.
I'm afraid that by tomorrow there'll be no open water for the ducks.
At least it's not raining as it did all day yesterday.

My husband, GB, goes through an enormous amount of bread when the ducks are here. I used to be able to get a bag with about 10 loaves of "duck bread" at the Pepperidge Farm Outlet, but they now require you to buy 10 trays of bread at a time. That's 150 loaves and even our ducks with their voracious appetites can't manage to eat all that! GB has gotten the ducks trained to the point that when the sliding door opens onto our deck overlooking the pond, they come swimming and flying right up to the edge. GB stands at the end of the deck and "frisbees" slices into the water. When it's warmer out, bread consumption goes up considerably because then the bluegill and occasional bass and catfish are active and fight the ducks for it. I cannot tell you the number of times I've gone to make a sandwich for myself only to discover
NO BREAD to be found.
Maybe we could use 150 loaves at a time!

Good Grief!! I just looked at the flat feeder - there must still
be at least 9 finches left on it and this is after I scared most of them
away while trying to motionlessly get to my
camera - HA - I'll have to work on that move!
I really must take the time to find out the difference
between a "house finch" and a "purple finch".
Anyone out there know?

Look! The sun just came out.......for the first time in days it seems.

Here's a glance of our peninsula and island.
It's shallow there - that's where the dam is as well - and
that part always freezes first.

Tomorrow I'll let you in on why I'm a graveyard digger.



  1. If I come over later, would GB make me a peanut butter sandwich? Do you think if I quack, he'll be more inclined to feed me?

  2. have you ever skipped rocks on the ice? When it is thick enough it can make a very cool sound!

  3. Yes - it makes the most wonderful echoing "boing". My brother taught me about that one. Glad you came by for a visit.

  4. Wow, those finches are voracious!


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