Sunday, January 20, 2008

A KICKIN' Birthday Celebration!

It's Lauren's Birthday
We've Gathered Lots of Her Friends

That's our gang with the birthday girl in the middle...what a GREAT time was had by all! I, unfortunately, had to go to work and couldn't share in all the frivolity and fun - DARN! (Check out the birthday girl's blog tomorrow - she's posting all the sordid details, along with incriminating pictures.) Mrs. Lauren told me that at one point they decided they were all going to come en mass to my store. As she said to me today: "Thank GOD we didn't! Something FOR SURE would have been broken!"





  1. Thank you everyone! You are the best. And I am sooo glad we didn't go visit Annie at the store. But, instead, Sal and Martha had to deal with us!

  2. I see you around "bloggsville" once in a while and am glad I finally ended up here. It looks like you have a terrific group of friends!

  3. Glad you found me, kellypea!

    Yep - I do have a simply lovely bunch of friends!


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