Saturday, January 12, 2008

Junk/Everything Drawers & WW Woes

Junk drawers.....who doesn't have one....or two....or three...or more? (Actually in our family, junk drawers are always called Everything Drawers.) Above is the daddy of them all. No matter how hard I try to keep this drawer neat, it NEVER is. As far as listing what's in there, it might be easier to list what's NOT in there. Like the kitchen sink, coat hangers, tho there is a clothes pin, toilet paper. The above is most definitely my entry for the contest Jules is having at her blog, though, as you can see below, I had more than one contender.

Junk drawer #2. This is full of stuff I use about once a year. Well, the knives on the right I've NEVER used......Perhaps it's time to shed myself of them? Ebay here we come!!

This is the after picture of a drawer that just last week would have been the heavyweight contender for worst drawer. Darn! Had I known about this contest I would never have bothered cleaning it out.

(Check out my brother's entry here.)


Pounds aren't melting...
The diet is not working!
Quick! Sew my mouth shut!

Must remind myself: "Weight Watchers" does not mean that I am to watch my weight go up.



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  1. Thanks for the comment! I went directly to your site, and just loved it. It is fun to connect in these ways. I live in Nebraska, so guess I am a mid-westerner too. In a way, at least! I'll be following your blog, and right now will move on and read your friends. My junk drawer is basically a pile in a drawer. Not organized in the least. My daughters, I am sure, is all organized, neat and tidy. Oh, well. Good to connect with you...Joanie


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