Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Sure do hope your New Year's Eve was safe and fun.
I must truly be getting old. I was completely reasonable this New Year's Eve.
Hmmm....possibly a hint of things to come? We'll see!

That's the pond in the back of our house this morning, New Years Day. As you can see, it's raining cats and dogs. The pond is one of the biggest reasons I love our home. I do believe we have one of the prettiest properties in our town. I now can't imagine ever not living on water of some kind or another. It's so ever-changing and the wildlife is so interesting to watch - pretty incredible as we live in the middle of a city.
Our ducks are back. They stay until the pond completely freezes over and always return as soon as even a little bit of it thaws. Most of the ducks we get are mallards - they nest in the spring around the pond and are generally here year-round unless, of course, the pond is frozen, which it was last week. Over the years we've spotted loons, brown ducks, common, hooded and red breasted mergansers, green-winged teal, and wood ducks during spring and fall migration but they never stay for any length of time. Of course the Canada geese like our pond, too, but we try to discourage them as they make such a horrid mess of the yard. Thankfully our dogs do a good job of keeping them in the water.

Enough already about our pond!

It's the first day of a new year - may it be everything you want it to be. I have officially challenged myself that on New Year's Eve 2008 I will be able to honestly write here that I have met my10 New Year's Eve 2007 resolutions........HELP ME!!!!


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