Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Kitchen Chronicles

Got home from work yesterday and knew there was a LOT to get done. Now that I'm working full time I find I have no time to really clean the house. I cannot begin to tell you how happy this has made me! It has never been something I enjoy doing in the least as it's such a thankless task because no matter what you do, short of wrapping everything in plastic, it always gets dirty again. Not only that, there never seems to be anyone around to help do it. Here with me a second ago, now mysteriously gone! Imagine that! You would think I live in this house all by myself! Oops.......that's another story..........got sidetracked there......let's start over.

Got home from work yesterday and knew there was a LOT to get done. Now that I'm working full time I find I have no time to really clean the house. I had a new cleaning service coming over (today) and, of course, needed to clean the house before they cleaned the house. Got that done, well, except the master suite, which if you refer back to my New Year's Resolutions, you will discover that my husband accused me of using the floor as a third closet. Sadly, this is true. I knew that task was going to take a lot time, so I thought the best plan of attack was to put it off until after dinner, at the least.

The phone rings around 4:30. It's our good friend, Kim Fiori, inviting us to a restaurant at 5:30ish for toasts in honor of her hubby's birthday. I called GB to let him know, and decided I wasn't going because I just wasn't. GB came home and promptly left with another friend to meet the birthday boy.

Fast forward 2 hours later. My phone rings. It's GB. "Hi Annie.", he says. (I'm in trouble when he calls me ~Annie~. Usually means he has something up his sleeve that he's not sure how I'm going to react to.) "It's me. I coming home and bringing a few people with me for dinner." In the background I hear Kimmie disagreeing vehemently: "NONONO!, you twit! You're supposed to be asking her to join us at the restaurant!!" I then said, "That's fine GB, just go with them to the restaurant - I'll see you when you get home." Out of my husband's mouth then comes: "Great, Annie, we'll be at the house in 20 minutes or so." I asked him to repeat that. "Oh you want 30 minutes? OK, ok, that's fine!!" When I could speak again, I told him to get wine and beer and that he was doing ALL THE DISHES (which he got out of as Kim followed me around the kitchen washing everything I got even slightly dirty - what a wonderful way to cook!), and picking up the bedroom, too. That didn't happen either. Imagine that!

When you have 9 or so people over unexpectedly, the menu tends to be strange. Last night was no exception:  Tacos, macaroni and cheese, left-over spaghetti w/sauce, green beans. Let's see, we covered Mexican, American and Italian all in one evening! Guess it must have been good because there wasn't much left and all came back for seconds at the least. Comfort food....nuthin' better!

Had to make my own refried, and I use that term loosely, beans. Used half ground beef and half ground turkey for the tacos, had to mix a bunch of different cheeses together for the taco topping, and I only happened to have 24 taco shells because it was buy one 12-count package, get one free. BUT did we ever have a good birthday party! It's easy to have fun when you're with good buds.  And that's easy to imagine.




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